Beginning of a new era of storing data. MPX Launches web3.0 cloud storage platform using blockchain technology

Official domain launched with the interface of MPX mining app (This will be changed to dapp interface after the mining ended).

Pixel first version mining app available on playstore now. This allows users to earn MPX tokens daily by starting the mining section, each mining section will be live for 24 hours and each day a user can earn minimum 480MPX without any referals

4 stages of Core Update of Pixel mining app before this update MPX will be listed on coinmarketcap and other price tracking platforms

40% Of The Total Supply minted and Listing MPX in major decentralized exchanges and centralized exchanges and allows users to trade MPX tokens without any restrictions.

Mpixel Dapp introduction & promos
Changing to dapp interface and starting promo of dstorage

Official launch of Pixel dstorage and allows users to buy decentralized storage spaces with MPX and store data. easily adaptable advanced dashboard.

Mpixel Dapp allows users to buy storage with bitcoin,etherium & USDT